Pay Advice


As a temporary or contract staff member at StellarNurses Recruitment Agency, you will receive your weekly pay advice every Friday for the work you have completed during the previous week. The pay advice will detail your gross pay (before deductions) and your net pay (after deductions).

The following deductions will be made from your gross pay:

Income Tax: This is a mandatory deduction based on your earnings and the tax code assigned to you. The current tax rate in the UK is 20% for income up to £50,270 for the tax year 2021-2022, and 40% for income above that.

National Insurance Contributions (NICs): This is another mandatory deduction based on your earnings. The current rate for NICs is 12% for earnings between £166 and £892 per week, and additional 2% for earnings above £892 per week.

Pension Contributions: If you have enrolled in a pension scheme, a deduction will be made from your pay towards your pension contributions.

Any other deductions: Any other deductions authorised by the employee, such as child support, student loan repayment, and trade union subscriptions.

Please review your pay advice carefully to ensure that the deductions and your net pay are accurate. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact our payroll department.

It is important to also note that temporary and contract staff are not entitled to the same benefits as permanent staffs, such as holiday pay, sick pay, maternity leave etc.

Please be aware that the above information may be subject to change and may not reflect the current tax laws or regulations, please check with the relevant authorities for the latest information.